Quaker Institute for the Future was founded to carry Friends’ extensive experience with communal discernment into the activity of research. Over the course of three hundred and fifty years, Quakers have pioneered a practice of communal discernment, group decision-making, and problem solving that is capable of building community in the midst of diversity. Friends understand this process as the emergence of a spirit of guidance that leads into a sense of truth about ourselves and the great world in which we are all related.

We believe that Quakers, by virtue of this historic experience, can advance the kind of collaborative research and discernment that will offer significant guidance for dealing with the great issues of human betterment and the maintenance of Earth’s ecological integrity.

George Fox, one of the founders of the Religious Society of Friends, spoke of living “in that Life and Power that takes away the occasion of all wars.” Quakers have long found this “life and power” is a guiding reality when Friends come together in communal discernment. QIF brings this method and discipline to the conduct of research.

The following pages showcase the products of QIF’s research projects, as well as papers, articles, and presentations:

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