Summer Research Seminar 2009

July 6 – 10, 2009

Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley CA

We started each day with worship, followed by presentations by participants on their focus of research for the week. These sessions were clerked, to allow for reflective time and to facilitate comments from the group. Afternoons were free for participants to pursue their research; work space, library facilities and internet access was provided.

We rejoined as a group in the evenings, with dinners prepared by participants and informal discussions.

Research Topics for the 2009 Summer Seminar

1. Vision of the economy based on our spiritual traditions.
2. Agricultural biotechnology and the long term impacts on communities.
3. Developing a regulatory mechanism based on ecological footprint or other similar measures.
4. Cross Border Cooperation scorecard and State of North America Report.
5. Influence of corporations.
6. Wiser Earth, Saner Planet: explorations into the ethics of robotics.
7. Overdraft: research into the confluence of resource depletion and economics
8. Quaker Process in the World: Applying Quaker process in secular settings.
9. Tension between natural capital and deep ecology world views.
10. Friends and Beauty.

Quaker Institute for the Future