Summer Research Seminar 2016

2016 Summer Research Seminar

The 2016 Summer Research Seminar was held at Regis University in Denver, Colorado, from July 18th through 22nd. More than twenty people gathered to discuss projects and develop insights for future work, following a process of discernment grounded in Quaker Meeting for Worship. Mornings were reserved for presentations and afternoons for study and reflection by individuals and small groups.

Regis University

Each morning, we gathered for a ‘Meeting for Worship on the Occasion for Research.’ Topics and presenters included:

Leonard Joy – Epiphany
Paula Palmer – Indian Boarding Schools and Friends
Sara Wolcott – Doctrine of Discovery and Spirituality
John Lodenkamper, Judith Streit, Pete Baston and Paul Alexander – Life-Centered Economy
Rich Andrews – Nuclear Waste and Risks
Larry and DJ Jordan – Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary Biology

Each evening, informal discussions led to further insights and reflection.

2016 QIF Board (L-R): Phil Emmi, Leonard Joy, John Lodenkamper, Sara Wolcott, Laura Holiday, Shelley Tanenbaum (missing from photo – Charles Blanchard, Judy Lumb, Elaine Emmi, Keith Helmuth).

2018 Summer Research Seminar

July 9 – 14
Ithaca, New York

The 2018 Summer Research Seminar was held in Ithaca, New York, from July 9th through 14th.

For more information on attending or presenting a topic at a future seminar, please contact Shelley Tanenbaum at

View the PDF brochure here.

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