Summer Research Seminar 2023

The Quaker Institute for the Future’s 2023 Summer Research Seminar will be held from July 17-21, 2023 SRS announcement email version using Zoom. There will be no registration fee; instead, participants in QIF videoconferencing seminars are encouraged to make a donation to QIF that is within their means. Youth Grants in the amount of  $500 are available to support activist/researchers 18-35 (see details below).

Please share this notice with Monthly and Yearly Meetings, Quaker groups and anyone else who might be interested in participating.

QIF Summer Research Seminars create a venue for spirit-led research using Quaker methods of discernment and reflection. The seminars are centered around research presentations that occur within a setting of collaborative discernment conducted as a “meeting for worship for sharing.” Emphasis is placed on supporting those who choose to present the work that they are doing through worship together, along with additional time for questions, clarification, and discussion. Time is also reserved for theme-based discussions, worship sharing, artistic and other creative sharing, and informal interactions among participants. More information about summer research seminars is available here.

We welcome those who wish to make a plenary presentation followed by worshipful discernment including all in attendance, as well as those who just wish to attend without making a formal presentation. To propose offering a session and/or to register for the 2023 SRS contact Gray Cox at:

Youth Grants for Activist/Researchers

This year, QIF is offering $500 stipends to applicants aged 18 to 35 years old to make a presentation on research that resonates with the QIF mission of advancing a global future of inclusion, social justice, and ecological integrity through Spirit-led participatory research and discernment. This is part of a year long program of Youth Grants. NOTE: People may choose to apply for a Youth Grant independently of the Summer Research Seminar and use it for purposes other than to develop a presentation at the SRS. For more information on the Youth Grants, see:

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