We welcome the participation of those who are drawn to QIF’s research process and communication outreach.

The Institute has three primary programs: 1) Circles of Discernment (COD), 2) Summer Research Seminar (SRS), and 3) Focus Books (FB) publication.  For detailed descriptions, go to Activities and click on the link to each program.

QIF has been of special interest to Quaker scholars, researchers, educators, social justice activists, and Friends from a variety of professional and business backgrounds who are interested in public policy for the common good.

Participants have especially valued the opportunity to develop and share their research interests in the context of Quaker process and the guiding values of Quaker testimonies.

To discuss your research interests and find out more about participating in QIF’s programs and events, contact Charles Blanchard or Gray Cox

Making a donation is another way to participate. QIF is a volunteer run, network organization. All donations go to facilitate QIF’s programs.

Visit us on Facebook or the QIF YouTube channel.

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