Research Papers and Articles

Heart Talk

By Ruth Flower, Associate Executive Secretary for Legislative Programs
November 2014

Reflections on an Ecologically Integrated Economy

By Philip C. Emmi, Friends Committee on National Legislation
November 2014

Steps Toward Dialogue on an Ecologically Integrated Economy: Focusing Context and Framing Policies

Co-Authored By the Quaker Institute for the Future and the Eco-Justice Working Group, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends
November 2014

The Rule of Ecological Law: The Legal Complement to Degrowth Economics

By Geoffrey Garver, January 2013

An Earthcare Testimony for Friends

By Shelley Tanenbaum, Sandra Lewis, and Kathy Barnhart, December 2010
Western Friend

Envisioning a Moral Economy

By Tom Head, February 2010

Rich Countries Must Pay Their Emissions Debt:
Congress, Carbon and the Common Good – Phil Emmi
Carbon Control and Political Action – Keith Helmuth

By Phil Emmi and Keith Helmuth, September-October 2009
Quaker Eco-Bulletin

What We Can Do About Climate Change

by Charles Blanchard and Shelley Tanenbaum, March-April 2008
Quaker Eco-Bulletin

Communal Discernment and Academic Research: Is there a Quaker Epistemology for the study of Public Policy and Social Change?

by Gray Cox, June 2005

Meeting God Halfway

By Gray Cox, May 2005
Friends Journal

Individual and Societal Transformations: The Connection

By Leonard Joy, May 2002

The Evolution of Environmental Education: The Early Years of Friends World College 1965-1970 (.RTF)

By Keith Helmuth

High Food Prices: A Silver Lining

Tracey McCowen, November-December 2008
Quaker Eco-Bulletin

We Need A Ladder: Avoiding Depression While Downsizing

Ed Dreby, July-August 2008
Quaker Eco-Bulletin

How On Earth Do We Live Now?
The Foundation and Framework that Shapes the Human-Earth Relationship – Sandra Lewis
A Bridge to the Future: Awakening to the Reality of the Commons – Keith Helmuth

May-June 2009
Quaker Eco-Bulletin

Conservation and Resource Management in the West

Sarah Waring, May-June 2006
Quaker Eco-Bulletin

An Economics for Spaceship Earth

Peter G. Brown, March-April 2004
Quaker Eco-Bulletin

American Exceptionalism and Human Solidarity

Keith Helmuth, September-October 2004
Quaker Eco-Bulletin

Family and Individually Operated Farms and Sustainable Communities

Alan N. Connor, May-June 2003
Quaker Eco-Bulletin

Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services

Judy Lumb, November-December 2002
Quaker Eco-Bulletin

Patenting of Higher Life Forms in Canada

Anne Mitchell, May-June 2002
Quaker Eco-Bulletin

The Quaker Peace Testimony, Economics, and the Common Good

Keith Helmuth, December 2008
Friends Journal

Is Saving Seed A Human Right?

Keith Helmuth
Published in Canadian Friend, September-October 2005 and Friends Journal, September 2006

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Public Talks

The Global Transformation of Corporations, Financial Institutions, and Government: A Quaker Approach

– Laura Holliday
A plenary presentation at the Friends General Conference Gathering, July 26, 2006 at Pacific Lutheran University, Puget Sound, WA.

Commerce, Community, and the Regulations of Universal Love: The Contemporary Relevance of John Woolman’s essay “A Plea for the Poor”

Dan Seeger
Presented as the Woolman Lecture, John Woolman Memorial Association, October 15, 2005, Medford, NJ

Behind the Budget: Are We Stuck With this High Risk Monetary System?

Keith Helmuth
An address to a plenary session of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, July 30, 2009, at LaSalle University, Center Valley, PA.

First Light or Last Things? Attunement, Guidance, & the Human-Earth Relationship (.RTF)

Keith Helmuth
Presented at a Sierra Friends Center Retreat, September 30, 2006, at, Nevada City, CA.

The Ecology of Faith and the Faith of Ecology: Is Sustainable Adaptation Within the Human Prospect? (.RTF)

Keith Helmuth
Presented at the 6th Annual Spirituality Conference, March 4th, 2006, Earlham School of Religion, Richmond, IN.

The Angel of History, The Storm of Progress, and the Order of the Soul

Keith Helmuth
Presented at the 2005 meeting of Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting Association, June 10th, at Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa, NC.

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Dancing in the Rays of the Antarctic Sun

Laura Holliday and Joy West

A film of stunning beauty and poetry, celebrating the natural beauty of Antarctica and two African-American women’s journey.

Quaker Institute for the Future