Summer Research Seminar 2010

QIF hosted a week-long seminar for a third year at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California (July 19-23, 2010).

Ten participants and three visitors took part in morning presentations, afternoon study sessions and evening meals and discussion.

The morning format can be called a Meeting for Worship for the conduct of Research. Each morning we started with a 30 minute Meeting for Worship, followed by one or two presentations. Each presenter described their work followed by about 30 minutes of direct comments and questions, then followed by 30 minutes of worship-sharing on the topic of the presentation. The first series of comments and questions were helpful and often enlarged on the themes presented. Worship-sharing led us to explore underlying themes and assumptions.

Research topics included:

1. Property in the Earth Restored Dialogue
2. Quakers and Beauty
3. How on Earth do We Live Now?
4. Getting a Grip on the Future
5. Sociocultural Evolution
6. Environmental Networks
7. Listening Spirituality and Listening Ecology
8. Quaker Advancement and Outreach
9. Friends’ Earthcare Testimony


To inquire about the 2011 seminar (June 18-26 at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine), contact Shelley Tanenbaum at


Quaker Institute for the Future