Summer Research Seminar 2012

Friends gathered at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine for a week-long research seminar.

(l-r) Ed Snyder, Laura Holliday, Steve Perrin, Charles Blanchard, Jim Grant, Keith Helmuth, Leonard Joy, Shelley Tanenbaum, Phil Emmi, (front) Barry Zalph and Gray Cox, (not pictured) David Millar

The topics this year included:
1.The failure of the current economic and monetary system and what we can do about it
2.Enabling sustainable surface transportation in the U.S.
3.Values Assessment: a recent study in Tamil Nadu
4.Anatomy of the mind: how people assess the same information and come up with a different interpretation
5.Rio + 20, plus original songs
6.Conscious weather modification
7.Jobs, work and compensation in a no-growth economy: a long-term vision and plan
8.Kabarak call for peace and ecojustice

Meeting for Worship during the 2012 seminar

Quaker Institute for the Future